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"Hello, my name is Melanie Mauldin and I am the founder of HandPicked. HandPicked was born out of so many blessings in my life.  I grew up in New Orleans amidst a very eclectic culture. From an early age, my parents took me to Mexico, introducing me to another culture, another way of life, another language. This experience had such an impact on me as a child that I resolved, as a young girl, to go back to Mexico and to learn Spanish. I loved the land and I loved the people and HandPicked grew out of that love.


HandPicked started with a desire I had to really do something with my life that was different than anything I had done before. I had some friends who were going overseas and buying pieces that they loved and bringing them back and having warehouse sales. My mother had a gift shop when I was young and I loved going on buying trips with her.  I had this idea that I didn’t need to go across the world - there was a country very close to us that I loved, and by then I spoke Spanish fluently, so it was a very natural thing for me to go to Mexico. Off I went with a friend and together we bought some wonderful things and had our first sale in Columbia, South Carolina.

I was fortunate to start HandPicked at a time when silver was experiencing a fashion renaissance. Since then HP has kept the excitement for silver jewelry alive. And now with stores full of wonderful accessories and gifts of all sorts, HandPicked is a favorite shopping destination for women throughout the Southeast!" ~Melanie Mauldin