Classic 5mm Sterling Silver Bead Necklace

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A classic sterling silver necklace in 5mm for every day wear.  Wear it alone or layer it with other favorites.

5mm bead, 16" and can be worn with toggle in front or back for a modern look. 

  • Sterling Silver
  • Add a monogram silver disc to personalize


#BeHandPicked Jewelry Care ~ Thank you for choosing HandPicked jewelry Love your HandPicked Sterling Silver pieces and enjoy them for years to come with proper TLC. Sterling Silver is a precious metal and will last a lifetime offering you a piece to pass down for generations so we have listed some tips on how you can keep your pieces in top shape and sparkling like new. General Jewelry Care To preserve the life of your HandPicked pieces, enjoy your Fashion Jewelry longer and keep our HandPicked Sterling Silver sparkling like new; keep these initial tips in mind: The price tag on HandPicked jewelry should always be cut off, never pulled or tugged. We are happy to remove the tag for you at purchase. Pulling or tugging the gum label will jeopardize the integrity of clasps, chains, etc. and can cause them to break which is not covered under damage. Always store in a dry, airtight baggie or jewelry box. Keep pieces stored individually. Jewelry ranges from dainty and fragile to chunky, bold and sturdy in design. Choose your jewelry based on your personal style, lifestyle and daily interests. Example: A dainty chain necklace for everyday may not be the best choice if you have an active lifestyle, opt for something a little more substantial. Harsh chemicals, some personal care products, oils & lotions, perfume can damage your HandPicked jewelry. Keep your jewelry out of reach and away from the items above to preserve the life. Wait to put it on. Keep your jewelry in airtight plastic baggies or out of the way of harsh chemicals, liquids, oils, lotions until you are dresses and ready to go. Apply your jewelry last and be sure to leave it off when you: Shower and do your hair & makeup first, then put on your HandPicked jewelry and accessories Deep clean with products and chemicals while keeping all of your jewelry out of reach Don't swim or sit in a hot tub in your Fashion Jewelry or Plated pieces. Take them off and put them in a secure place, then put them back on when you are free of oils/lotions and dry. Caring for your HandPicked .925 Sterling Silver The best way to keep your HandPicked Sterling Silver Jewelry sparkling is to wear it. If you wear a collection of pieces daily, these will be the pieces that are looking nice most of the time. If you take them off to shower, sleep, workout or if these pieces need a daily refresh, you can use the polishing cloth HandPicked Silver Polishing Cloth - Traditional Bifold Style. Rub the pieces gently. Many customers enjoy their pieces so much that they have a HandPicked collection Sterling Silver that doesn't allow them to wear everything every day. In this situation and when you are not wearing your HandPicked sterling silver pieces, it is important to wipe them clean with the HandPicked Silver Polishing Cloth - Traditional Bifold Style and store them in an airtight plastic baggie in your jewelry box for safe keeping. This will keep them away from the moisture and other chemicals that can be in the air and tarnish them. These tips will preserve the shine and quality of your pieces, however if a piece is left out for too long or sits in a jewelry box that exposes it to air and moisture it becomes tarnished. The beauty of owning HandPicked Sterling Silver is that it comes back to life. When your item is tarnished (turns a blackish color) from sitting, being exposed to air and chemicals ~ you can simply clean it (with Wrights Silver Polish) and it will be sparkling just like new. We always recommend gentle care when handling and caring for jewelry, it can be fragile. We always recommend Wrights Silver Polish for deep cleaning We do not recommend dipping in liquid cleaners We do recommend putting your silver pieces, individually in a tiny ziploc baggie to keep them air tight when not wearing We do not recommend placing Sterling Silver items in a jewelry box that is not air tight or made for silver We do recommend wiping your silver with a polishing cloth before storing or cleaning it if it is tarnished. If you have a jewelry care question, contact us at