Dual Pearl Drop Earring in Gold Tone

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Discover the exquisite HandPicked Collection of Sterling Silver Earrings, meticulously crafted by skilled silversmiths to elevate your individual style. Each piece is a testament to artistry and quality, designed to be treasured for years to come. With our curated selection, you can find the perfect pair of sterling silver earrings that resonate with your personality and preferences.

Our exclusive designs are a true embodiment of uniqueness, as they are exclusively available at HandPicked in limited quantities. This ensures that each time you browse our collection, you are met with a fresh and distinctive array of options.

  • These pearl earrings boast a drop length of 1.5 inches, adorned with 5-6MM and 10-11MM freshwater pearls, silver-tone headpins, and wire, all elegantly secured by sterling silver earring hooks. Embrace the allure of these handpicked treasures and adorn yourself with timeless elegance.